Monday, February 16, 2009

Wire Basket in Snow

Sometimes here in Maine you can very easily get cabin fever. I really need to get out and photograph something other than snow. Though I really like this photo of the basket in the snow. I, like many other people anxiously await the arrival of spring. Spring is my favorite time of year as well as Fall. Spring is full of new life and beauitful fresh new colors, were as Fall is full of warm colors. I love color, but I also appreciate black & white. Anyway we still will have a few more snow storms to get through before the mud season kicks in. And when I say mud season I mean mud! My dogs won't go to the groomers until the mud season is over sometime in early May. I'm looking forward to getting started in the garden. Anxious to see what will be coming up for flowers. My garden is relatively new and it's still developing. If I can keep up with the weeds and I do pretty well until I start my art shows then I tend to fall behind and the weeds catch up. This year I will try yet again to stay ahead of the weeds. I'll have photos for you when plants start to sprout.

Have a great day everyone! Spring is on the way!

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